Benefits mortage insurance

Why is it better for your customers to take out loans with the Group Insurance Foyo versus an insurance contract held by a mortgage lender?


  Rate guarantees and Affordable premiums are determined by personal characteristics of each and giving it ensures a fair rate.

  Blanket convertible to permanent life insurance.

  Capital provides the choice of ¡| responsible: ensure capital remains unchanged if the option selected is fixed. If the insured prefers, he can also choose an insurance with a capital ensures descending type.

  Capital assure au choix de l’assuré : le capital assure reste inchangé si l’option fixe est sélectionnée. Si l’assuré le préfère, il peut aussi choisir une assurance avec un capital assure de type décroissant.

  Coverage can be retained even if the ¡| ensures exchange of lending institution.

  The life insurance coverage does not end when the mortgage is fulfilling.

   In addition to the mortgage, protection can be used to cover d ¡| other loans under one insurance contract.

  Ability to add a rider in the event of total disability to cover the monthly mortgage payments, the benefit is payable to the insured and not the lender.

  Ability to add a rider in case of serious illness.


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