Individual life insurance offered by an insurer

Mortage insurance offered by the lending institution

The selection is made made upon submission of the proposal, your client knows where it is ensured at the time of making the contract. There are no surpeises on the claim.

The selection is made only when ther is a claim.

The insured is the owner of the contract and is the only one who can make the changes.

The lender owns the contract. Terms of the contract may be modified by the lender at any time.

 As the owner of the contract, the insured himself chooses his beneficiaries.

 The lender is named beneficiary generally.

 The insured has the choice as to the amount of capital insured and it can remain fixeddespite the decreasing mortage balance.

 The sum insured is generally decreasing and therfore the insurance coverage is the balance of the mortage.

Premiums are leveled and secured to the show for the duration of the coverage. Age, sex and smoking status of the insured are considered in determining the premium of the insured giving it a fair rate.

 Premiums are not guaranteed and may increase the rate of claims under groupinsurance.

The contract may remain in force afterthe mortage repayment. The insured has the ability to turn his life insurance to permanent life insurance.

The contract ends when the mortage balance is repaid.

The insurance is portage; coverage remains unchanged even if there is change in the lending institution.

Insurance is terminated upon a change of the lending institution and the client must meet the prerequisites again at a new life insurance application.

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