Investment plan

What is an investment plan?

An investment plan is a financial instrument that provides you with an option for investing your liquid assets outside of a deferred retirement income plan allowed under tax laws. The advantage of this type of non-registered plan is that it allows you to earn potentially superior gains in comparison to returns from a regular bank account.

What advantages does an investment plan offer?

  • Excellent financial vehicle for investing additional savings for your retirement if you have already reached your contribution ceiling for registered plans.
  • Useful for investing sums over the short or long term with an interesting rate of return.
  • No tax deductions are applicable.
  • Returns are taxable based on the type of income earned: interest, capital gains, and dividends.
  • Amounts invested may be withdrawn at any time, in full or in part, according to terms of contract.
  • Capital invested may be, in full or in part, from a loan taken out with the objective of increasing returns

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